Parquet Courts and Big Ups on second 7inch VERA/LIVE

The second edition in the VERA/LIVE-series will be a split single featuring live-recordings of Parquet Courts and Big Ups in VERA. Both USA bands played here in 2014, in juli and may respectively. With Parquet Courts winning the 2013 poll, this is the second release in a row with a ‘Gig of the Year’ band, as Together PANGEA featured on the first VERA/LIVE release with traumahelikopter. New York band Big Ups fill the other side, who were one of the 2014 live favorites, finishing on the 6th place in the annual VERA poll.
Posterartists Mirjam Dijkema and Stefan Sloot (both VERA Artdivision) will design and silkscreen print a custom made single sleeve, inspired by the songs the bands played in VERA.
VERA/LIVE is a project started by Ralf Koopman and Robin Eggens. This single will be released on August 20th..

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Photo Big Ups: Simone v/d Heijden