VERA Zienema will once again be hosting screenings for the International Film Festival in Groningen (IFFRiG) this year. Saturday 1 February will see no fewer than three special cinematic events taking place in VERA’s Grote Zaal, with tickets costing €9.50 each.

Cineville pass holders can pick up a ticket at Forum Groningen 90 minutes before screenings start. Reservations cannot be made for IFFRiG screenings. Also please note that all ticket sales will be either at Forum Groningen or via their website; see the latter for more information:

Roy Andersson’s utterly cool 1970 debut feature, whose most recent movie, About Endlessness, will also be screening at IFFRiG. This film’s appearance hardly resembles his later work, with their rigorous, bleached compositions; it’s a teenage romance cast in deliciously free form with stunning camera work and a melancholy Seventies soundtrack. The movie revolves around two teenagers, radiant in all their youthful appeal: Pär, a young 15-year-old Mick Jagger lookalike and his captivating girlfriend Annika, who spend an amorous summer together under the baleful eye of such staid, uptight adults as often feature in Andersson’s work.