Axis Mundi has been participating in the metal-scene of Groningen for a couple of years now. They have used the empty Covid-years to further develop their sound in the studio. Now that the world is coming back to life, the band is more than ready to present their first album.

The band plays symphonic death metal and thus combines the best of two worlds. Ripping guitars and deep grunts are alternated with epic solo’s and bombastic orchestrations. Adding a hint of prog and you have the sound of Axis Mundi.

The result is a killer of an album. During this show, the entire album will be played live for the first time.

Insurrection offers the ultimate blend between brutality, melody and catchiness with their raging melodic death/trash. Hailing from the north of the Netherlands, founded in 2008, these Dutch thrashers released their critically acclaimed 6-track debut EP ‘Catatonic’ on Big Bad Wolf Records in 2015.

Following up their successful deput EP, Insurrection released their new full-length album – ‘Circles of Despair’ – in August 2019, which displays a more diverse and melodic approach to their raging melodic death/trash sound, without giving in on speed and anger at all. Having shared the stage with metal icons such as King Diamond, Pestilience, and Cradle of Filth, Insurrection is ready to rise like the tide out of the underground!