While the world was burning for the last two years, Beachdog has been maturing until their time to emerge came around, and now is the time. Finally, a new, hard and loud rockband with enough accesible songs to address a large audience. This is the audience that misses being in sweaty halls rising their fists and going wild with friends. We surely agree with this.

David Achter de Molen, singer of Beachdog, gained fame as the singer of John Coffey, the Dutch punk/hardcoreband that put hard music back on the map in the Netherlands. When they stopped after 10 years, second band Tusky arose from the ashes, born from pure love between guitarist Alfred van Luttikhuizen, guitar tech Sjors van Reeuwijk and drum tech Bas Allein Richir (all three from the John Coffey-team). Supplemented with bassist Justin Ghijsen, who later was succeeded by John Coffey-guitarist on bassguitar Christoffer van Teijlingen.

Debut album ‘Rated Gnar’ followed in 2018 on V2 Records, which showed a hungry and fiery band strongly influenced by 90s punkrock bands: fast & furious but yet very melodic & catchy. A series of clubshows and festivals in the Netherlands and outside of it followed.

The departure of two John Coffey-members Alfred and Christoffer was excellently being intercepted by Vladimir Stevic and Quirijn Wijgers of the bands Pene Corrida and All Doomed. Armed with a brand new single-video in May; an own online comic series, the planning of a new studio-album AND ofcourse shows, Tusky is ready to reconquer the world.

On the 6th of may both bands are playing together in the club!

Support: Two and a half girl

Two and a half girl is a five-piece band hailing from The Netherlands. With the powerful voice of their frontwoman Juliët and their unique heavy mix of emo, punk and rock, their sound is immediately recognizable. Their music is as heavy as can be, and so are their lyrics: this young group is not afraid to speak their mind on personal and sensitive issues. For fans of A Day To Remember and John Coffey, this young band is a recommendation to see live!