London-based five-piece Beige Banquet play a bleak yet high powered style of dark punk. Underpinned by a propulsive and motorik rhythm section, they combine robotic and percussive vocal deliveries with industrial textures and abrasive guitars to create a frantic and driving sound.

Beige Banquet is set to release their sophomore album, Ornamental Hermit,on 13th march 2024. Which is the first album the band has produced together.

Nottingham born, indie/ postpunk four-piece Cucamaras are described as “A band stamping their authority on the next wave of alternative guitar music”. Over the past year Cucamaras has established themselves as a live force across the UK and Europe, playing festivals like Eurosonic and supporting bands like Hotel Lux. Besides this, the four-piece managed to sell out their own headlining shows, too.

Cucamaras recently finished recording new music in the studio, and 2024 will be a seismic year for the band; an EU tour, their US debut, and much more to be announced.