What would you do if you woke up one day and a parasitic worm was attached to the back of your neck? That’s exactly the pickle in which Brian finds himself in low-budget-horror-mastermind Frank Henenlotter’s 1988 classic Brain Damage. From the genius that brought you ultimate campy body horror classics like Basket Case and Frankenhooker comes Brain Damage, the touching story of a young man and his love for a worm-like, blue goo emitting, eloquent, and wildly charming creature who coerces him into killing for him, in exchange for an intoxicating substance secreted into the back of his neck. With their appetites for murder and the addictive goo growing in tandem, Brian’s life is headed for disaster. Will he overcome the monster haunting his own flesh?

This year’s Zienema Halloween special is keeping with tradition: it’s going to be a wild, nauseating, and truly distasteful ride. Go all out with your Halloween costume, because the best dressed person in the audience wins a riveting prize!