The mildly intimidating postpunk duo Cashmyra writes about making mistakes, anything that can go wrong and attempts to find luck. During the release of their debut album ´Moreel Verwerpelijk´ they played at ESNS20, ESNS21 and participated at Popronde. They have played multiple times in VERA already and will play again in the Mainstage with their new EP ‘Privé’ that will be set to release in 2023.

Support: Hey Team
Through punchy, energetic songs Hey Team captures today’s somewhat bittersweet worldview. The combined talents of this diverse bunch from Nijmegen culminate in captivating and slightly abrasive songs, swinging effortlessly between anthemic alt-rock choruses and atmospheric transitions, without losing a pop sensibility. With lyrics that describe both a personal and collective frame of mind, Hey Team’s highly danceable tunes celebrate life’s highs and lows.

WATERBOLK is the Dutch project by Eva Waterbolk creating beautiful and sometimes tearjerking songs. She tells stories with a morbid sense of humor showing her powerful yet vulnerable side of songwriting. Musicians from other projects like Swinder, De Messen and Bert Hadders’ backing band De Nozems have joined her on stage.