Cate Le Bon’s music is not meant to be pigeonholed. She combines many influences and makes it her own, one might hear elements of Krautrock and post-punk and at the same time artrock in the style of Kate Bush and John Cale. Her guitar playing is very unique, and so is her remarkable voice. ‘Reward’, released on Mexican Summer, is her fifth studio album and sounds more distinctive, personal and varied than ever. She also regularly produces albums, including co-producing ‘Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?’ (4AD) by Deerhunter.

Grimm Grimm is the solo project of London-based musician, recording artist and producer, Koichi Yamanoha. He has released two solo albums, and four singles on independent labels since 2014.. The project is an outlet for his fragile, otherworldly forays into baroque folk, futurist lyricism and electroacoustic oddities. Yamanoha’s first solo performance was at the underground music event, Krautorock Karaoke at Cafe Oto in 2013.[6][7][8] His debut Grimm Grimm single, Kazega Fuitara Sayonara / Tell the Truth, was released in late 2014 via Kevin Shields and Charlotte Marionneau’s Pickpocket Records label in collaboration with Honest Jon’s. [9] Followed by his debut album, Hazy Eyes Maybe, was released on ATP Recordings in 2015. The sophomore album, Cliffhanger, was released by Some Other Planet in partnership with Kartel Music Group in June 2018.