The Belgian director-screenwriter Bert Scholiers debuted with an imaginative movie. One moment you are still sitting in an Antwerp pub, the next one you walk over a snowy plain, are in a cosmic black hole or are sitting behind a flying pineapple. This is what happens during the liquor-filled night of soulmate girlfriends Charlie and Hannah, after they have taken a magical candy. It not only changes the world in a surreal way for them, but also for everyone around them.


It produces a series of bewildering events, in which the laconic twenty-somethings react with amused astonishment (whether they end up in a pre-war brothel or are blown up with an atomic bomb), while strolling and chatting about really important matters: dealing with exes and relationships. As a tripping Woody Allen or Noah Baumbach, Scholiers also plays with the form, with inventive cartoons, color and black-and-white, varying image formats and references to silent cinema and Italian giallo-horror.