Quite the combination, Charlie Parr and J.D. Wilkes (Legendary Shack Shakers) are heading out together for a tour this summer! The introverted Charlie Parr from Minnesota has been traveling around the world with his authentic folk songs since the 1980’s. His music is a combination of traditional blues, country and folk. It is as pure, raw and honest as music possibly can get, which really makes Parr an extraordinary musician. His latest release ‘Dog’ (2017) is a personal one, and provides insight in his personal struggles with clinical depression.

The name J.D. Wilkes might ring a bell, as he is the frontman of the Legendary Shack Shakers, a Southern Gothic rock & blues band founded in the 1990’s. The 9th of June, Wilkes will be performing with his band in Vera as well. But he has been active as a solo artist as well, his solo debut ‘Fire Dream’ came out in 2008 and is just as bizarre and experimental as the title suggests. Filled with a refreshing combination of hillbilly, blues and jazz it’s not surprising there are links to artists like the adventurous Tom Waits.

Charlie Parr - "Peaceful Valley" [Official Video]
Charlie Parr - "Dog" (Official Video)
J.D. Wilkes performs "Fire Dream" on DittyTV