Chief of Smoke resembles the joy and danger of motorcycling through a steep canyon in a dreamlike state. Their music is inspired by all things Americana. From road movies to the great novels from the beatgeneration (Jack Kerouac; William S. Burroughs) and from Alice Cooper to Sleep.

Chief of Smoke aims to deliver a touch of nostalgia while at the same time thriving on being present in the here and now. Their music combines seventies nostalgia while reflecting on current times.

In 2016 they released their EP A Fresh Round of Smoke which was centered around the Vietnam War. In 2018 they presented their first album titled Rice Paddy Rodeo, which touched on the same subject and was a success leading to, amongst other things, a performance at the 2019 Liberation Festival in Groningen and a release party in VERA, where they will gladly be returning to!

As support they will be bringing HISTER, and quirky is one way to describe the rock duo. The combination of drum and bass with song lyrics in Gronings dialect is unusual and different, which just so happens to be the intention. In the beginning of 2022 HISTER got into the auditorium with only their ideas, which they followed up by recording their debut album in October of the same year.

HISTER gets their inspiration from bands like The Breeders, Blood Red Shoes and PJ Harvey. Slowcore meets indiepop. Doomgaze meets poprock. Just throw whatever genre into it! What’s left are some stubborn yet catchy songs. A bit odd, but amazing nonetheless.