Ho ho ho! Your attention please! Don’t Christmiss this!

On 18 December the very first Wansmakelijk Goed ♡ Christmas Special will be taking place. Merry festivities dripping with bad taste and holiday cheer. Think glühwein, dismaying Christmas attire and above all an intensely rotten Xmas movie which will be giving your laughing muscles an exhausting workout from the opening to final credits. All those extra Christmas pounds will fly off as quickly as you put them on. So the Christmas holidays will give even more reason to celebrate!

On this cosy winter evening, we will be serving a delicious slasher parody as appetiser. You’ll be scratching your head more than once whether to purchase a new Christmas tree after this short. People tend to forget that trees have feelings too. And these trees are angry and out for revenge! Beware of them trees!

And last but not least (well actually it is the very least, because this movie is way beyond bad) we will be presenting Hulk Hogan as the only true Santa with muscles. In this touching family film, the Hulkster plays a rich fitness guru, who after a rather riveting game of paintball and the obligatory police chase, finds himself subject to a phenomenal case of memory loss. Now assuming he’s Santa, this tried and trusted hero among heroes attempts to beat the bad guys to save an orphanage.

So gather ye all, in the spirit of Christmas, to partake in this truly godawful heretic mess!

We from Wansmakelijk Goed adore movies that do not always fit in with the (big) crowd. From horror, to drama, to comedy, from amazingly good to astoundingly bad: all our nights are thematized by ”distaste”. Whether we’re talking about gut-wrenching gore, deliciously dire B movies or those uncomfortable or controversial masterpieces, we love it all and therefore select the most satisfying nourishment for the distaste buds!