New month, new Club Kelder! This time with Begane Grond, H.T. Prins live and DJ SBB playing the tunes in the VERA Kelderbar!

Begane Grond, alias of Yvonne Blaauw, will select some oddball experimental electronic leftfield sounds from the 80s to the 808s. Expect a slightly offbeat dance set that lifts the kelderbar up a level.

DJ SBB plays music determined by fixed patterns as well as less conventional electronic music. When he’s spinning songs, you can expect skewed house, decent breaks and perhaps some faster tunes.

A wild and lo-fi combination of new beat, dub and electro by H.T. Prins or Elias Elgersma (also known from Huub Prins and The Homesick). Played live with a small collection of instruments.