It’s anniversary time! Come gather where it once all began, Palla d’Uovo’s one year anniversary is taking place at Club Kelder, the dense basement bar where we first got together to celebrate and share our sound, our vision, and our love.

For the unfamiliar, Palla d’Uovo is a musical concept based around synth-heavy music genres such as Italo, EBM, and Dark Disco. At Palla d’Uovo, we enjoy a good party, but love to combine darkness with brightness, heaviness with lightness, and fierceness with gentleness even more.

Tarnim 23:00 - 01:00
Palla d'Uovo's own Tarnim. Hailing from Groningen, Tarnim will serve sounds ranging from classic Italo, synth-heavy House, bassy tracks, and much more eclectic sweets, as long as it keeps you dancing. Warming up the dance floor with absolute classics and new releases likewise. Expect to stomp feet, shake hips and bump your head against the basement ceiling :)

MALOU 01:00 - 03:00
MALOU's synth-filled floor fillers are guaranteed to bring energy to the dance floor. Her
energetic Italo Disco and Electro sometimes come with a hint of House. She's not held back by genre labels and likes to combine it with excursions into whatever is on her playlists at the time. This lovechild of Ian Curtis and Gigi D'Agostino has already played at venues like TivoliVredenburg, NAR and Radio TNP. If you want to explore the world of synthesizers and colorful sounds, MALOU is your intergalactic guide.