De Jonge Boschfazant and Meindert Talma are back in VERA with the presentation of their joint album ‘Schandalig’.

Since 2015, the philosopher and birdwatcher De Jonge Boschfazant and Meindert Talma who live in Westeremden have been making songs that they sing every month as the closing song in the monthly Meindert & Igor & De Jonge Boschfazant & Kesanova Show in the Kroeg van Klaas in Groningen. In the corona years 2020 and 2021, the show was housed in VERA and the bands asked the instrumental organ band Das Audio Combo if it could accompany them. That worked so well that Arjan Spies recorded 14 songs in his ‘Studio Teepdek’ for the debut LP of De Jonge Boschfazant and Meindert Talma.

As a philosopher, De Jonge Boschfazant writes lyrics that you don’t often see. They have inner and outer rhymes and consist of two types of lyrics: socially critical protest songs and human interest songs based on the found footage method: De Jonge Boschfazant occasionally roams flea markets and thrift shops in the province of Groningen for photo albums, and photos on old laptops and smartphones that he then reassembles for videos.