There’s no two ways about it: Nicole Kidman’s performance in Destroyer is another new highlight in her long and illustrious acting career. Never before did we see the actress play a role as cut-throat and ruthless as in the movie directed by Karyn Kusama. Her physical transformation brings that of Charlize Theron in Monster to mind, who also ignored vanity in order to appear as rough at the edges and world-weary as possible. Kidman plays FBI agent Erin Bell, a troubled woman in an intimate relationship with the bottle and a shaky one with her teenage daughter. It thus takes little fantasy to imagine how this hard-bitten female would fare alongside detective Rust in the True Detective universe.

Director Karyn Kusama has her movie constantly shifting between two timelines which edge ever closer to each other as the story progresses. Every minute has Kusama delving yet deeper into the mind of her protagonist. Viewers who sit back and let the story wash over them might complain that its structure seems a bit confused, but taking the least bit of trouble to grasp it will immediately prove just how brilliant Destroyer actually is constructed. All the more reason for Zienema to give it the cinema screening it truly deserves.