Unfortunately, the concert by Die Nerven + Kalaallit Nunaat on Thursday December 1st has been cancelled due to illness and is postponed to September 14th.

German post-punk and noiserock trio Die Nerven are no strangers to VERA. With their music drenched in gloom and nihilism, they’ve rocked downstage and mainstage before.

Die Nerven – consisting of singer/bass player Julian Knoth, guitarist Max Rieger, and drummer Kevin Kuhn – are fuelled by anger and melancholy. Frightening lyrics and loud guitar riffs makes their album sound turbulent; live they add even another layer of intensity. All in all: a band you have to experience live!

Support: Kalaallit Nunaat
The Rotterdam-based band Kalaallit Nunaat combines their love for noise, post-punk, shoegaze and krautrock into a hypnotising wall of sound. With music best enjoyed in a cold and dark cellar, they accelerate every live show into an ear deafening cascade of repetitive beats and melodies revelling in a certain discordance. Their debut EP ‘Television’ was well received and resulted in a nomination for the Rotterdam Music Awards and a selection for Popronde 2021. They also played in VERA before where they put on highly energetic show in the Downstage!