In 2017 the band won the VERA poll for the best Eurosonic performance of that year. A year later, they already landed the first place in the general VERA poll. Undoubtedly one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. There will be few bands that, among VERA audiences and collaborators, have been as loved in recent years as IDLES – and rightly so. With their violent music and angry lyrics, IDLES expresses the discontent, violence of their fans about social inequalities and injustices, and shows the importance of vulnerability. The message is clear: real things suck, but together we can make something of it. Be kind to yourself and fuck the tories.

Don’t Go Gentle is an intimate portrait of the band. In this film, we get a closer look at the band’s history from its inception to the release of their second album, Joy as an Act of Resistance. We have seen the setbacks the members of the band have struggled with, the blows they have taken, and the determination and strength with which they have moved on. For many an inspiring positivity; in addition to the band, their fan community themselves also play a central role in this documentary. The AF Gang (found on Facebook) has been a source of comfort, support and friendship for many of its members.

Last week, November 12, the band’s fourth album, CRAWLER, was released.