Since their hatching from underneath the industrial fumes of Dutch harbour city Rotterdam back in 2015, DOOL has undeniably left their gloomy mark on the European dark rock scene. After having risen from the ashes of both ‘The Devil’s Blood’ and ‘Elle Bandita’, this pack of wildlings has gathered and set their collective goal to achieve creative evolution and spiritual ascension through the unity that was since then called ‘DOOL’.

‘DOOL’ being derived from the Dutch word for ‘wandering’, the five-piece started soul-searching their way through rhythms and melodies that would soon evolve into their debut album ‘Here Now, There Then’. A first glimpse of what DOOL was becoming was unveiled by the single ‘Oweynagat’ and its eerie and mysterious accompanying video. The full album was released in 2017 on German Prophecy Productions, who were one of many record labels offering the band a record deal immediately after their infamous Roadburn Festival (NL) 2016 showcase.

International press picked up on ‘Here Now, There Then’ massively, and it soon got praise and love all over.

2019 saw the release of the ‘Love Like Blood’ EP, including the band’s take on the classic ‘Killing Joke’ song – a crowd favourite during DOOL live shows, which again received many amazing reviews. DOOL her latest album released in april 2020. About this album: nine amazing tracks that make you crave for more.

Ryanne van Dorst comments: “We can’t wait to enter this next cycle of DOOL with everyone. We’ll bring new songs as well as fresh Blood. The new album will pick up where we left off, yet changing the route towards different dimensions. We invite everyone to be there with us.”

Support: Modder

Modder started out as a passion project between guitarist, songwriter & producer Mathlovsky and his longtime companion Gregory Simons on drums. In November 2020 they released their massive first single ‘Mudslinger’, which is an impressive 21 minute long riff-fest referencing artists the likes of Sleep and Meshuggah. Following the release of ‘Mudslinger’, bass player Maurice van der Es, guitarist Maxime Rouquart and synth wizard Simon Felix joined the duo to extend the sonic mayhem into a tight and pounding live band.

The self-titled album was released December 3rd 2021 through Lay Bare Recordings & Consouling Sounds. Initially it was Lay Bare Recordings who jumped at the chance to work with Modder but after witnessing their debut show Consouling Sounds was more than happy to join the party. The record’s sonic palette consists of riffs that are designed to break your neck, supported by thundering bass lines and grooving drums. Surrounded by industrial samples and synths they forge a unique sound in the sludge landscape that Modder finds themselves in.