ATTENTION SOFT-BOILED EGGS! Are you a softie but hard on the outside? Then you are an egg. And do you like punk? Then you’re an egg punk. No big deal, I’m one too. And if you think you’re tough, we’ll wait patiently until you find out that you’re soft on the inside too.

There are more like us. The past few years you saw the rise of Powerplant who were in the basement two years ago, Snõõper is already big enough for Best Kept Secret, Gee Tee and the Satanic Toga’s have visited downstage last year and I also listen a lot to billiam: who is now also coming to the basement with his band the split bills! Robert (our downstage booker), I’m looking at you now. Maybe you don’t realise it right away. You’re an egg punk and it’s high time you embraced it. I saw you singing the Spits. Book Prison Affair and Cherry Cheeks.

Billiam is an autistic eggpunk who sings over arcade-style synths with fast drums about recognisable moments such as running out of medication. Or recognising yourself in Shadow the Hedgehog as a child. Or that your cat is destroying your records. A low testosterone level is also allowed.

A soft egg (just like you), boiled ready for the stage! Break a… EGG? | HILLE