To list the band’s credentials is simply giving you a rundown of some of the finest acts of the past decade’s rock underground – Home Blitz, VCR, Livefastdie, Terrible Twos, Titus Andronicus, to name a few – but Liquor Store are more than a mere underground band. They’re taking guitar music out of the garages, basements and bedrooms and are bringing it back to street level, back to the people and, if there is any justice or sanity left in these scary times, back to the arenas where it belongs. Liquor Store are packing as many guitars on stage, writing as many tough and hooky anthems and shotgunning as many beers as they possibly can in order to serve the masses what they rightfully deserve and honestly need. Just like The Dictators, Blue Oyster Cult and Van Halen did before them, Liquor Store are here to deliver the hot rock’n’roll injection all red-blooded A̶m̶e̶r̶i̶c̶a̶n̶ Groninger souls crave.