The Australian DZ Deathrays have been creating their pit-ready dance-punk for more than a decade now. Far from the perspective of egoism or fame-driven motivation, but rather their core value to ‘do’, ‘make’, ‘challenge’ and ‘enjoy’ that has stuck with DZ Deathrays at every step. A creative integrity and ambition that maintains their place at the forefront of the national punk frontier with a hungry, enduring and rampant fanbase all these years later.

DZ speak to the Freaks and Geeks and the Dewey Finn’s in us all, bringing together Dead Heads, 30somethings and the aspirational next generation all at once. Their latest album, R.I.F.F. was released in 2023, and is arguably their most experimental, enhanced and immediately resonant record yet. They inspire listeners to ignite a passion in themselves to continue to challenge and strive, making sure to always Remember It’s For Fun.