Their tunes hit you in the face with an orgiastic explosion like a sperm-whale’s cum-shot. Their lyrics have a magnitude and depth not seen since the 18th century greats, no scratch that, not since Dante's Commedia(I am referring to Inferno, fuck his other weak shit). At first their synth based punk-music might sound chaotic to the ears of the uneducated listener, but there is an underlying method which elevates their mesmerizing divine-like songs above regular music into what only can described as an independent sphere of musical brilliance hereto unknown to mankind. If however you find yourself unable to appreciate the musical tour de force that is Earth Control I think the band themselves said it best in the titles of one of their majestic songs, “Jullie zijn allemaal stom”. So forget about your unimportant dreary lives and come experience something spectacular. And a good time will be had by all. | REMY