The extremely politically incorrect cinematic debut of director Koen Mortier is receiving star treatment at Zienema once again! Get ready to wade your way through the murky depths of vulgar obscenities featuring in Ex Drummer.

Based on a book by Flemish cult author Herman Brusselmans, Mortier pits the haute bourgeoisie against the social underclass: psycho skinhead Koen (Norman Baert), deaf junkie Ivan (Sam Louwyck) and gay drunkard Jan (Joris Van Der Speeten). The three men on the dole spend their days bickering, fighting and rehearsing, whenever they’re not busy attacking men, yelling at wives or tying parents to beds. Each and every one of them is a Ramones song come to life.

And then be sure to make your way to the Kelderbar! To top it all off, Vintage Crop will keep you in the mood with a spate of steaming garage punk. Screaming guitars, rocketing riffs and lyrics reflecting the daily grind. What’s not to love?