Fast & Furious can’t hold a candle to us: Part IX of the illustrious Zienema Filmquiz will undoubtedly be the usual educational extravaganza. After a brain-racking yet utterly enjoyable edition last June, we have now found Remy prepared to come up with a new quiz. The rules although strict are simple: just €2.50 will buy you a place at a table in a team ranging from one to five members (although the quiz will be presented in Dutch, just one Dutch-speaking team member should suffice to get you competing). If you’re on your own or it’s just the two of you, you might find others to join up with. Remember though: more than five in a team gets you disqualified from winning prizes.

So head off to the second-hand bookshop for an old-fashioned film guide, spend the coming days faithfully committing any movie website you can find to memory, never leave or switch off a movie until the very last credit has rolled, and fill your head with the winners of anything golden: be it Oscar, Bear, Palm or Calf (FYI: the latter’s the Dutch one).

So if you know what the connection is between Sofia Coppola, Nicolas Cage and the star of Repo Man, who wrote the soundtrack for Blaxploitation classic The Mack, which two American movies from the eighties pay homage to a classic Eisenstein scene, which movie former Zienema crew member Paul chose as his farewell movie and which one he got to see, which biopic played by Barbie dolls screened at Zienema which is now forbidden, in which year in the nineties two movies were released based on Madame Bovary (with bonus points for the titles and directors’ names), how many actors have played James Bond, which gangster movie features a Violent Femmes track and a brother & sister performance, where the predecessor to the EYE film museum In Amsterdam was, or in the biopic of who the upstairs at VERA features (along with a few volunteers of the day), which Dutch DJ remixed its utterly awful theme song to match the lifeless lead – if you have a clue or are utterly Clueless, no worries, you still have a chance to win one of the marvellous prizes. So head for Oosterstraat 44 like you always do on Tuesday nights for an evening of cinematic pleasure or utter confusion. It can’t hurt your Dutch ….