From Westbam to Scooter, from Blixa Geld to Dieter Meier.

The electronic scene agrees – it was FRAKTUS.

FRAKTUS invented techno.

They were anticipated for their aesthetics, sound and technology.

Highly valued by music colleagues worldwide.

Despite their promising initial success they broke up as a band over 25 years ago.

Until this day FRAKTUS has remained a myth, only known to insiders.


What became of them?

What are the three doing today?

Can these pioneers make a comeback?


In this very entertaining German mockumentary music producer Roger Dettner tracks down the three fundamentally different musicians in Hamburg, Brunsbüttel and Ibiza.

He manages what before was an unthinkable pop-historical sensation:

He brings FRAKTUS together and back into the studio.

After 25 years music history is being rewritten: FRAKTUS are performing again.

History never forgets it’s true inventors.

Not even FRAKTUS.