GRAILS have steadily and stubbornly pushed against the staid cliches of instrumental music and towards new sonic frontiers, creating heavily textured albums, stacked deep with epic hooks and inventive instrumentation. GRAILS carry echoes of the classic bands of many genres, but they combine those various styles onto a single record, under one umbrella of musical freedom. 

They are the renowned stylistic globetrotters of a fanatical underground record collecting scene, able to hybridize their disparate musical heritage with grace and confidence to build new languages out of genres that were never intended to work together.

GRAILS will be performing live in Europe this fall for the first time since 2019. A new album is in the works for a late 2023 release.

Support James Blackshaw is highly regarded for his pieces on a 12-string guitar, nylon-string classical guitar and the piano. Blackshaw creates instrumental music that’s almost hypnotising. Following a hiatus from music in 2016, James Blackshaw has returned to perform live and he is currently working on his new album.