Rockband Hallo Venray from The Hague released a new happy sad song; Jazz. Where normal people only seem to be getting older, Henk Kroon and his band are getting younger and more energetic each year.

Koorn has been making music for more than 30 years with his band, together with Peter Konings and drummer Henk Jonkers. Songs which are swinging, rough around the edges, and full of melancholy.

Support: Seewolf
In an isolated part of the Netherlands de Oudebildtdijk in Friesland, you can see the beacon of the lighthouse glide over the land. From here, from the wind, the sea and the clay, the band Seewolf originates. Seewolf consists of four men who spend time making songs and machinery. You can hear their passion of playing only that which is necessary back in their songs. The songs also tell you that Seewolf takes the time to unravel the stories they want to tell. The musical genre can best be described as Psychedelic Indie Rock.