The Dutch progrockband Hangover Paradise was founded in 2010. The band plays melodic rocksongs, written by Peter Zwerus, inspired by bands like Genesis, Pink Floyd en Marillion. The band consists of six experienced and versatile musicians.

Each song  is a self-contained  musical adventure. Beautiful introductions; sometimes  grandiose, sometimes smooth. Surprising transitions with guitar work  to feast on. Tight soulful bass and rhythmic pulsing drums. All this combined with tuneful  passionate vocals and  the variety and range provided by two accomplished keyboard players.

All songs are the bands original compositions with lyrics by keyboard player Peter Zwerus. The songs include lyrics in which everyone can find  something of themselves in, and also lyrics that are about  important issues.  Their debut album ‘Mirrors’ (recorded at S&K studio owned by Dick Kemper-ex-Vandenberg) was released in 2013 and is sold in over more than 20 countries.