Do we even still have to introduce Het Zesde Metaal? With classic songs and several critically acclaimed albums it’s impossible to ignore them within the Belgian musical landscape.

Their sixth and newest album Het langste jaar will be released soon, and it’s been written in a deeply emotional timeperiod for the band. Halfway through 2022 Het Zesde Metaal got to hear about the terminal diagnosis of guitarist and pianist Tom Pintens, which struck them like a bomb, but also inspired the band to write an album based around intimacy within your social circle. Pintens took on the role of producer and dragged the band into the studio the following summer to give it his all one final time. A month after the recording of the album Tom Pintens passed away.

Het langste jaar is an album of defeat, built from the heaviest period in the history of the band, but it’s also the most melodious album of Het Zesde Metaal so far, with more space for delicate but extremely efficient arrangements than ever before.

Edmund November’s journey from the pubs of Newcastle to the stages of Belgium is a testament to his passion for music and his dedication to honing his craft. His extensive experience gained from years of performing in local pubs undoubtedly shaped his musical style and prepared him for the challenges of the professional music industry. It’s fascinating to see how his solo work reflects a return to his musical roots while also incorporating the diverse influences he has encountered throughout his career.