Hybrid is a music festival for possible futures in the north of the Netherlands. It connects the sounds, scenes and sceneries of VERA and OOST. Taking place across both clubs in the same street, Hybrid unfolds many of contemporary music’s potential trajectories. It’s a stage for the cutting edge, right as it mutates, steers and reroutes. There, unique voices from the spheres of electronic, experimental, pop, dance and guitar-based music show the present in a state of transformation. To reveal what's next in the world of sound.

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Abadir DJ Set
At a music festival for possible futures, few artists’ oeuvre and MO seem as common-caused as Abadir’s. The Egyptian-born producer-slash-DJ’s work flourishes under both macroscopic and microscopic lenses, actively pushing to breach overt nostalgia for lost futures and embellished pasts. Hypermodern characteristics of digital music-making take center stage, rendering carefully crafted, highly emotive expansions on glitch, jungle, IDM and experimental electronics. And yet it’s load-bearing layers of darbuka drum sequences that tie up a powerful way forward, representing a distinct locale within the global eye.

Borokov Borokov live
"Borokov Borokov, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Bo-ro-kov: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth." Antwerpen based Borokov Borokov brings their silly-synth poprock jams and lounge-y beats to Hybrid.

DÆMON live
DÆMON’s discography – racked up within an impressive timespan – reveals an artist that excels as much as a rapper and vocalist as they excel as a curator and absolutely curvebreaking concept artist. Weightlessly maneuvering between trap, drill, hyperpop vocal treatments and multiple frontiers of experimental club music, the thrill of the next laneswitch is ever-present. Extensive collaborations with Cassius Select, Endgame, Modulaw and fellow Hybrid-act Scalping read as a testament to the artist's demonic foresight. Exhilarating.

PNEM live
Four-piece PNEM brings motorik driven, fuzz infused machine grooves to Hybrid. PNEM their dreamy, electronic sequenced driven jams make you either want to dance or doze off into another reality. With a carefully calculated pulse, PNEM is continuously inspired by the monotonous howl of industrial machinery.

PVA live
South London band PVA consolidates the beating pulse of electronic music with the raw energy of a life-affirming gig fusing dance music, industrial, and post-punk into songs with a queer viewpoint and relentless forward momentum.

Four-piece Bristol, UK based band SCALPING have been writing, recording, experimenting and performing music together for the past five years, trying to answer the question that guides their work: “How can a band bridge the gap between live guitar music and live electronic music?” SCALPING is moody, distorted and rhythmic, but the electronic techniques gives the finer details room to breathe.

Spill Gold live
Synth pop duo Spill Gold creates a mix of acoustic and electronic sounds in a polyphonic explosion of rhythm, synthesizers, voices and baselines. The music is an exchange between the musicians as well as between the stage and the dance floor, day and night, dream and sleep, trance and trip.

Swordman Kitala & Soft-bodied Humans live
Kampala, Uganda meets London, UK. In an extraordinary meeting of minds sparked by a single email, Kampala-based MC Swordman Kitala found himself delivering profound, piercing bars in his native tongue to the industrial grime instrumentals of Soft-bodied Humans. The result is a record that, despites its references to both artists’ milieus and Japanese monster movie soundtracks, exists in a pocket of artistically uninhabited space. On February 25th they bring the Kaiju Kitala EP to life at OOST.

To whoever thinks of sampling as a dated artform, we present ZULI as the living antithesis. Caïro’s Ahmed El Ghazoly gives entire genres the remix treatment, confidently pulling jungle, electro and IDM out of their sockets. Structuring his tracks and DJ sets upon stems of – often Egyptian – trap and grime, carefully applied distortion and dazzling drum programming, he’s introducing legacy techniques to the futuristic forefront of global club music.

Zoë Mc Pherson live
It’s a blessing to witness an artist completely bend a medium and its conventions to their will. Zoë Mc Pherson does so to multiple media. Mc Pherson is a producer, composer and multimedia artist who works on the intersection of sound and visual art. For this edition of Hybrid, they’re warping aspects of noise, glitch, techno, experimental club, punk and performance into a combustive live set, recalibrating conceptions of what live electronics can evoke in the year 2023.