Wansmakelijk Goed is back for Halloween! We’ve picked yet another movie that’s wildly original and creative in its badness: Jack vs. Lanterns. A true delight for anyone who loves horrible special effects! Once again, get ready for a very distastefully good film, this time brought to you by the twisted mind of director Jason Liquori.

Even though this is the second story in the Jack Woods saga, our viewing experience tells us that it doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen the prequel. In this film, a village prepares for Halloween, which includes an annual pumpkin festival. The pumpkins are grown for the festival with the help of the Genbetter company, but before the village has a chance to harvest them, the residents are harvested by the gourds themselves. It’s up to the main character Jack Woods to save the village from wandering plants once again. Along with his trusty axe, he takes on a horde of pumpkin clones, genetically modified papier-mâché and redundant blue filters. As the movie’s tagline goes: prepare to get smashed!

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