wears, her unfashionable interior decorating and the breadcrumbs that linger on the lips of her nagging mouth. But actually what Hubert hates is simply everything that doesn’t fit into his view of the world. What he would really desperately like to do is set out into the wide world, or otherwise at least move in to his own place together with his boyfriend. However, since he’s all of 16, his mother still feels he is too young to do so yet. His irritation grows with the day and seems to be headed into full-blown obsession. So when his mother decides to send him to a boarding school, he feels utterly betrayed.

Director Xavier Dolan says he wrote the script to his semi-autobiographical debut feature at the age of 16. After a successful première at Cannes Film Festival, the movie embarked on a victory lap along the international festival circuit, with as absolute cherry on the cake its nomination as the Canadian submission to the Oscars. Dolan’s latest movie will be released this April, so that made this the perfect occasion to screen his very first feature – on original 35 mm celluloid no less – at VERA.