In 2003 was Bikini Atoll created. A band with Joe Gideon released two albums. After those albums he decided to focus more on his singer songwriter skills. He did this together with his sister. They released two albums and toured with Seasick Steve and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at sold oud venues in the UK. In 2012 the siblings went their own way.

During one of Joe’s tours he befriended Jim Sclavunos from The Bad Seeds. Joe invited him  to contribute to his new debut solo LP that was released in 2016. They got great reviews like, “A dark but rewarding trip into the shadowy corners of the human mind”  from  Penny Black Music. Joe Gideon and Jim Sclavunos and their band member Gris-De-Lin brought out a new album in the end of January. You can expect saxophones, an antique piano and a synth-vibraphone joe saved from the dumpster. Their new album is called Armagideon. It’s about  time travel, primordial bliss, and reptile people. They released this album under the label of Cloud Hills.