Call it naive optimism, but if you ask Jonathan Rhodes, the road is open for new adventures. Not afraid to explore the twilight of his heart, the Dutch singer plows through his soul and reaps narrative songs that he delivers with great energy, supported by his five-piece band. His music is best described as Americana/folk with traces of blues and a hint of gospel. Engaging roots rock is mixed with small, fragile songs, causing the listener to edge ever closer to the edge of their seat. In 2022, Rhodes released his first EP Dirt and in 2023, he released a live album: Live at Het Rode Hert. He performed at ESNS, Tuckerville, and Hit The City and provided opening acts on well-known Dutch stages for various American and Dutch artists.

Jonathan Rhodes views himself as a musical late bloomer. In his youth, he never fully understood the allure of the Top 40, but he was offered little else. Early in his college years, he began writing his own material, and while still very green, he participated in the national contest Grote Prijs van Nederland, and won the public award. In his twenties he discovered the musical greats from the previous century, by the likes of Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, and Townes Van Zandt, fueling his love for pure music. The broad audience that resonates with him confirms his belief that his ‘old’ music is still relevant today. In 2024, Rhodes is working towards his debut album.

The Amsterdam based Max Poolman brings his folky southern rock to the VERA Mainstage. Inspired by heroes like Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top and Creedence Clearwater Revival, his music carries many influences from different genres like folk, country and rock. Together with his liveband, the Union, the five-headed formation puts on a show that alternates from intimate, acoustic songs to rugged country-rock tunes.

During 2021 Poolman was selected for Popronde and in 2023 he released his first album, Roads Go On Forever, for which he travelled to the US and Mexico to discover the roots of his beloved Americana. Soon after his last release Max Poolman got back to work and will release his second studioalbum in 2024.