There’s a lot of confusing things about Norwegian band KAKKMADDAFAKKA. Whether it’s their unpronounceable name, or the genre-bending and -defying sound they produce, when they get on stage, everything makes sense.  With a combination of hip-hop, R&B, disco and funk, their music is difficult to label, but danceable nevertheless. Since their formation in 2004 the band has gone through many changes, but one thing has remained constant: a spectacular live-show with thrilled audiences.

KAKKMADDAFAKKA is known for being a fantastic live band, and after two years on the sidelines, the band is finally ready to play for their fans again. Not only that. This fall, the band will release their seventh studio album, and look forward to playing new material with classics such as Forever Alone, Restless, Naked Blue, and more. Buy a ticket today and take part in a terrific show with the Kakks!

Support: Hedda Mae
From music that feels indebted to retro/60s girl groups to 90s R&B and beyond, Bergen’s queen of indiepop Hedda Mae has a unique talent – to absorb a variety of familiar influences to create futuristic pop music that’s entirely her own sound.

Her amazing live show have been praised all over, «Bringing joy back into pop!» which has been proven at festivals such as ReeperbahnThe Great Escape and SPOT. Her latest singles have been spinning on radio for months both in Norway and abroad.

This fall she’ll release her last EP from her EP-triology and can’t wait to share new music on stages across Europe!