This concert is postponed to Wednesday march 23rd due to the corona crisis.
If you want to cancel your ticket(s), send an email to [email protected] to get a refund. Refunds are possible until May 1st 2022.

La Jungle gets their inspiration from genres like metal, doom and kraut. Their hypnotizing and compelling sound will remind you of Battles, Glass Animals and LCD Soundsystem.

With their last album Fall of the Apex La Jungle gives you an album with their known sound: krautrock with noise and trance. We’re looking forward to see how these gentlemen will bring their new songs to life!

Wudu Sjon was born out of frustration in the face of the current excesses of late capitalism and the advancing environmental murder. It is a musical outlet for all the anger we carry with us in these times, and a challenge to make this anger danceable. Mixing together an amount of various styles, such as Progressive Rock, Synth-Punk, Ethiopian Jazz, Metal and Ska.

Wudu Sjon explores the in-between of musical genres with drums and keyboard – not afraid of having no place to call home. Wudu Sjon is like a horror B movie: a minimal budget, full of shock value, and best to watch around midnight.