Floris Jonker (Dope D.O.D. / Neon Splash)
Ordure (Adapted Records / Dub & Dwars)
Selektah (Resident / Let It Beat)

Selektah will open this night with house, nu-disco, maybe some classic Fidget House and UK-Garage inspired beats. This month however Let It Beat will have its music theme based around Electro House. Heavy skanking, now and then a bassface and headbanging are sure to be expected.

Floris Jonker is well known for producing the breakthrough hit of Dope D.O.D.; it has passed the mark of 12 million hits on YouTube. Lately he also has been travelling around Europe to play at the well-hyped Neonsplash parties. 

Ordure consists of two guys from Groningen & Hilversum with a passion of drum and bass and dubstep. Lately they have been busy producing tracks with the Glitch / 100 BPM sound. This night they will be doing an Electro set. 

Until then!