Little Miss Period is the monthly menstruation period personified as an off-puttingly large heart-shaped fuzzy presence, one blissfully unaware of the havoc it actually causes. Little Miss Period (um, the movie?) follows the lives of various women while they navigate the ups & downs of daily life. Whether it’s a high-flying fashion magazine editor, a social isolationist who has accepted their life as a single or a young girl frustrated by the travails of puberty, Little Miss Period never fails to provide suitable tongue-in-cheek commentary, educational life lessons and of course physical discomfort of various kinds and in various extremes.

Director Shunsuke Shinada provides a riveting insight into the monthly curse experienced at some point in time by over half the world’s population. Combining episodic shorts from the original widely acclaimed manga, he managed to create a feature film that sheds light on a sorely overlooked and too seldom discussed topic.