LOFT is that infamous two weekly party at Vera Groningen. People come to LOFT for the vibe, each other and the music.

Residents Duke Hugh, Pushin Wood, Black Dynamite and St. Bastian are working with Vera Groningen to create a top quality clubnight; “Vinyl, all styles, a place where everyone comes to dance, fat sound system, the atmosphere you miss in a lot of places & amazing DJs”.

Super-Sonic Jazz is a movement in support of Dutch music culture. With their annual 6-six day festival, monthly concerts, clubnights and recordlabel they highlight some the most exciting (inter)national music artistries. With an open-minded approach often found in the tradition of jazz, they perceive exciting music not as limited to genres. Goosebumps, joy and sensations decide the direction they head out!
For this special occasion LOFT invited the Super-Sonic Jazz family to collaborate. Together they will provide a night of stunning music and topnotch atmosphere!
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Twee keer eerder kregen we al eens bezoek van Kees Heus alias KC the Funkaholic, House en Hip Hop pionier, programmeur/promoter bij Paradiso en oprichter van het label Kindred Spirits (met releases van Theo Parrish, Madlib & Jameszoo, en reissues van o.a. Tony Allen!). Hij is al heel wat jaren actief in de dancescene. Het zegt genoeg dat deze man al eens gewond geraakt is door zijn eigen stapel 78-toeren platen die hij in de hoek van de kamer hoog had opgestapeld. Kortom, het belooft weer veel goeds deze avond!

These two brothers are the beating hearts behind the Super-Sonic Jazz movement. Driven by an intense musical passion they’ll immerse you into their wonderful world of musical discovery. With an open-mind they will fuse a wide pallet of new and old sounds.
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GREYHEADS | Mainstage 00:30
Greyheads is Rotterdam, en Rotterdam is Greyheads: een echte culturele melting pot, van rauwe, eigentijdse klanken. De band weerspiegelt deze wisselwerking met hun opzwepende mix van jazz en hiphop. A winning formula, dat zal kristalliseren in hun allereerste lp HOMES. Ter ere van de officiële release spelen ze een speciale live show tijdens LOFT x Super-Sonic Jazz.
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MEGAMI | Downstage 02:00
Megami is the new musical brainchild of bandleader Felix Back; backed by his trusted 4-person rhythm section. Where they previously merged 70’s fusion, spiritual funk and game music with his nine-headed Son Swagga project, they now draw inspiration from the underground sounds of clubculture. It all results into a sophisticated but raw blend of wild musicality, integrated electronics and nightly rhythms.

KC The Funkaholic
Black Dynamite
Pushin Wood
Duke Hugh
St. Bastian

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