LOFT is that infamous party at Vera Groningen. People come to LOFT for the vibe, each other and the music. It’s not about ‘where else can we go, what else can we do, I have to work tomorrow’, no – we are here and now.

Residents Duke Hugh, Pushin Wood & Black Dynamite are working with Vera Groningen to create a top quality clubnight in Holland. “Vinyl, all styles, a place where everyone comes to dance, fat sound system, the atmosphere you miss in a lot of places, cheap entry & amazing DJs”.

As a Producer he's breaking ground together with DIRK LEYERS (one of the guys behind CLOSER MUSIC) with the transcultural EDM Project AFRICAINE 808 . (see what phillipe sherburne of Pitchfork has to say about their Album.

His " VULKANDANCE " Parties , became a trademark for unheard of transcultural dance music and amazing decoration. Meanwhile V.D. is also a recordable and a Blog on Facebook , with around 2000 recordcollectors, musicgeeks and Dj's from all over the world , posting rare Disco and Soul and Tropical music of all colours.

He's a resident of the legendary "TROPICAL DISCOTEQUE " Parties in Paris.
He shook dancefloors from the arctic circle to Canada, NYC, L.A. , over Tropical Islands all the way to Tokyo and Hongkong.

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