The infamous LOFT parties at the VERA club just reached the age of 4! So, let's celebrate this new milestone with one of their favorite guests: Rich Medina!
And this special occasion doesn't just put him behind the decks on saturday night, on wednesday the 30th of January Rich Medina will be giving the lecture Hip Hop Origins, also at VERA. That one's pretty much sold, so act fast.

Rich Medina’s passion for spinning records began at the tender age of twelve, when he played his first party in his hometown of Lakewood, NJ. From that moment forward, he practiced and studied his craft with the focus of a seasoned athlete, quietly developing the skills that made sequencing and mixing music extremely natural to him.
Rich is a card-carrying member of the Rock Steady Crew and the Universal Zulu Nation. And he has consistently lent his name to charitable organizations close to his heart, most recently The Africa Center, Room to Grow and GrassRoots.

While Medina could rest on all of his past accomplishments, he has retained the energy of a prizefighter, constantly seeking something greater as both an artist and a businessman, steadily building a respected brand with his own two hands. Rich is one of those rare people who has built himself a platform on his own terms, in his own way, achieving success with every step he takes and enriching countless souls with incredible music and unique wisdom.

Residents Duke Hugh, Pushin Wood & Black Dynamite have been hosting this quality clubnight since the beginning. “Vinyl, all styles, a place where everyone comes to dance, fat sound system, the atmosphere you miss in a lot of places, cheap entry & amazing DJs”. Tonight they will play their favorite tunes mainstage and downstage.