Ra-min is coming to Groningen again!

A DJ the Loft crew is more than familiar with. From Loft residents Pushin Wood & Duke Hugh to play at his infamous Greenleaf Festival. Releasing Duke Huge's record on his own label Music Of Color to name a few connections.

Combining the old and the new, there’s just one common denominator to the eclectic style of music he's playing: soulfulness. This attitude has started taking him across dancefloors to audiences that appreciate this colorful and charming sound.

Over the last years Ra-min has also been presenting radio shows that quickly developed an ever growing international following as well as lead to guest appearances at various local stations and critically acclaimed NTS radio. Anchoring it all for Ra-min is the love of creating spaces where you can collectively learn, share and indulge in music.

23:00 Mainstage w/ Ra-min • Black Dynamite • Duke Hugh • St. Bastian
01:30 Basement special by Bambeats Allstars (Pushin Wood, Planet Monkey & Wadaap)
23:00 - 00:00 // € 2,50 (ONLY AT THE DOOR)
00:00 - 03:00 // € 5,- (PRESALE & DOOR)
03:00 - END // FREE
& Free all night with VERA Clubkaart


LOFT is that infamous two weekly party at VERA where people come to for the vibe, each other and the music.
Residents Duke Hugh, Pushin Wood, Black Dynamite and St. Bastian have been working with VERA for almost 5 years to create this top quality clubnight with a focus on: vinyl, all styles, a place where everyone comes to dance, a fat sound system, great atmosphere and of course amazing DJs!

Don't miss out!