Lost Highway is based on Kiss Me Deadly, a Mickey Spillane pulp novel made into a 1955 classic noir movie directed by Robert Aldrich, but David Lynch’s 1997 version manages to make the women even more femme fatale and ramps up the number of mysterious events as well. In this sultry and murky neo-noir flick, it’s difficult to determine whether reality is taking gruesome liberties with fantasy or vice versa. Director Lynch described his tale of an adulterous jazz musician (played by Bill Pullman) suspected of murdering his wife as an engaging investigation into parallel identity crises in a world in which the concept of time has gone haywire. Patricia Arquette can be seen alongside Pullman, while former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins also features in a minor role.

Petra van der Ree had this the following to say about the movie in the Filmkrant. ‘More so than any other Lynch film, Lost Highway takes on the guise of a trip through the subconscious, of a dream. Or rather it should be viewed as a nightmare, which is also how it should be experienced.’ Anyone who prefers their films moving mundanely from A to B will be sorely disappointed by Lost Highway. Imagine a weird bit of cinematic art that sucks you into a fever dream universe brimming with mystery and alienation, where time travels along a Möbius strip – then you’ll know what kind of Lynchian levitation to expect.

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