NL: Dit is een verplaatst concert i.v.m. de corona crisis. Kaarten blijven geldig.
EN: This concert is rescheduled due to the corona crisis. Tickets remain valid.

It has been almost seven years since Máni Orrason became known in his native Iceland. With the pop-folk hit “Fed All My Days”, he came into the focus of the music world and secured his first festival appearances.

Now Máni Orrason returns with energetic new single ‘I Go Up’. Riddled with a fidgety energy, the track is the first to be revealed from an ambitious project by the enigmatic artist. The track precedes new EP BABY ANGEL LOVES YOU, a collection to be released later in 2020.

Following in the wake of Orrason’s 2019 EP BABY ANGEL and preceding the arrival of his new collection BABY ANGEL LOVES YOU, ‘I Go Up’ is a deft side-step to the off-kilter pop of which fans have been accustomed. Continuing with the songwriter’s trademark contemplative lyrics, ‘I Go Up’ flips such introspection on its head by being a bombastic anthem of self-belief. It’s important to be your own cheerleader, after all.

This ‘BABY ANGEL LOVES YOU’ tour preceeds the new EP. Expect some of his greatewst songs and new work.

Máni Orrason x I Go Up (official video)
Máni Orrason x Numb (official music video)