Marike Jager, one of the most adventurous singersongwriters of the Netherlands, is back as never before! True fans have know for years: she enchants, moves, crushes and fascinates from the beginning to the end. Tonight she will be on stage with fellow band member and drummer Martijn Bosman (Gotcha!, Henny Vrienten). A surprise for them as well as for us, as Mairke was planning on performing her new album ‘Hey Are You OK’ with her entire band. But, 2020 evolved differently as expected… When the virus suddenly hit the world and cancelled all concerts, Martijn hit Marike with inspiration. After a nice conversation on the phone he spontaneously mailed her a drumbeat as inspiration. And, that inspiration was more than welcome. The both of them felt a burst to work together and create something. Maybe it could be together? But how does this work at a distance? Being 125 km apart from each other, the writing process started. Rhythms, melodies and guitarlines flew back and forth. Two quirky characters diving in the deep together to make music. How does that sound? Hit me!