Modder is a five-piece sludge & doom formation hailing from Ghent, Belgium. With riffs designed to make your neck break, supported by thundering basslines, grooving drums, industrialist samples and synths, they forge a unique sound in the sludge landscape. Modder to bring onto the world their self- produced and by now critically-acclaimed self

The band started playing live during the fall of 2021 in venues around the Benelux, sharing the stage with the likes of DOOL, Hangman’s Chair, Blind To Faith, Alkerdeel, Doodseskader, among others.

Support Mind Rays have carved out a reputation of wild and energetic live shows along with a raw, uncompromising and booming sound. After a split 7“ with Teen Creeps and an EP on the US label Gnar Tapes in 2015, they released their debut full-length LP ‘Nerve Endings’ in 2017 and continued to brazenly tour their way through Europe. In 2019 their sophomore record ‘Course of Action’ came out, an album on which their bold and furious songs truly came to life with production from Pieter-Paul Devos (Raketkanon, Kapitan Korsakov).