After 25 year Monster Magnet finally returns to VERA! In the early ninetees the band visited our club three times, twice in 1992 and one more time in 1993. Looking at their poll-results it’s obvious that we’re talking about a real VERA favorite. Singer and guitarist Dave Wyndorf has been asking for a return for years and finally the time has come for Monster Magnet to return to our stage!

Before Stonerrock became popular Monster Magnet was already scouting the turf for some time. The band appeared to be a real Retro-Rock visionair that had to endure a lot of criticism before, in the late ninetees, their album Powertrip acquired gold status.

Monster Magnet then already was one of the most influencing bands in the underground stonerrock scene. In their music you can easily recognize influences from seventees Hardrock and Metal, but exploring the fields of Spacerock and Psychedelica marked the band’s sound.

On March 23 the new album Mindfucker is being released, which guarantees that the show won’t only exist out of old classics, but also new material will be on display. In combination with the stage presence of born entertainer Dave Wyndorf we’re ensured of a memorable evening!