Mouvman Alé is a quartet from Réunion led by singer-songwriter Franswa Virassamy-Macé. The music can be described as a hypnotic and electrifying mix of psychrock, pop, traditional rhythms from Réunion and electronics. The group themselves call it “romans non-galizé rényoné”, which means something like: unpolished/slightly experimental songs from Réunion.

With Franswa’s lyrics and melodies, the group plunges into the intense energy of daily life in Réunion: the encounters, the landscapes and the riddles. Artistically and imaginatively, Mouvman Alé is the result of a conversation, an exchange, between the musicians and Tetka, the character who controls the energy of the island. Since 2018, with three new and young artists in the group, Mouvman Alé has been developing into an increasingly close-knit and tight group, with energy as a guiding principle.