Powerful, vibrant drama about young Haitian Freda. She simply wants to live a peaceful and fulfilling life, but in her violent and corrupt country that isn’t easy. Her boyfriend Yeshua wants her to live abroad with him. But shouldn’t she stay and fight for her family and country?  

Freda lives with her mother Jeanette and two siblings in Port-au-Prince. They make ends meet with their little grocery street shop, while Freda also studies anthropology at the university. There she engages in fierce discussions about politics, corruption, racism and social injustice. Meanwhile, her carefree sister Esther is simply going out, looking for good times and breaking hearts left and right. ‘You take everything too seriously,’ Esther tells Freda. 

When her boyfriend Yeshua is over from the Dominican Republic, where he went to live after being the victim of a random shooting, he asks her to move there with him. But at home, her sister needs her, and her mother turns out to be scarred from her past. Now Freda has to navigate several gut-wrenching dilemma’s all on her own. Interspersed with real-life footage shot during violent anti-corruption protests, and overflowing with fantastic Haitian music and dancing.